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To provide an outlet for teens to know who they are in Christ in an exciting, non traditional atmosphere.


To reach teens to discover their identity in Christ; denying all other false identities and lies from the enemy.


The Haven will tour various churches and venues spreading the message of Kingdom Identity to teens in an exciting, non traditional way. 

The Haven

While riding in my car one afternoon enjoying NGEN radio, God revealed something to me.  I realized that there was not a place for teens to dance, hangout, and enjoy the music that comes on this station; almost like a club atmosphere.  

I also realized that if a place like this was offered, there needed to be not only Christian Hip-Hop music to enjoy, but also a Word of encouragement and empowerment for teens to leave with.  That Word is the message of Kingdom Identity.

The Haven is a fun event for teens to fellowship, dance, eat, be themselves, and receive empowerment to walk in the identity and purpose God called them to. 

The event begins with a meal, activities, and a club style party to Christian Hip-Hop music, then ends with the Word, prayer, and the call to salvation.  

Our teens need an exciting and uplifting experience to begin their walk as a new creation in Christ Jesus.  The Haven tours various churches and venues to bring your teens a lit Holy Ghost experience! 


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