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Steps to Deliverance


Before You Start:

 Before you began your steps to deliverance, you first must recognize that you are living in sin and no longer desire to live in sin. Confess your sins to God and ask for his forgiveness. Once you have done this and truly desire to change in your heart, repentance can take place. Repentance is turning away from sin and walking towards God. Repenting and then going back to the sin you repented from, is not true repentance. That is just asking for forgiveness to do the same thing over again.  

Step 1:

Train your eyes and heart. The spirit of lust is a heart issue. Whatever happened in your heart, it manifested in your body, and is now stored in your mind. Your eyes are a window and door to your soul. Your eyes have to be trained. What are you looking at all day? What do you fix your attention on? When you train your eyes to focus on Jesus and the scriptures, you are replacing all of the lust with more powerful information. What do you let enter your heart? Whatever rests in your heart, first came through your eyes. Clean your heart by placing the light of Jesus Christ against every dark desire. Gaze upon Jesus Christ. You will become whatever you behold.  

Step 2:

You cannot train your heart and eyes alone; you need help.  Get an accountability partner. This person in your life is there to help you. Not gossip about you or make you feel bad. This person is there to encourage you and lift you up when you fall. Be open and honest with your partner. If you cannot be transparent with them about your struggles, it still controls you. When you are able to be open about it, you are not afraid of it and guilt and shame no longer consume you. Your accountability partner cannot be dealing with the same demons. They must know the scriptures and deal with the situation objectively. This process is a partnership. They need to know those secret things you do not tell anyone else, they are responsible for you and you must answer to them.   

Step 3:

There is a point to freedom. If sin/ a homosexual lifestyle has you in bondage, you cannot live out the purpose God has for your life.  Stop filling your soul with lust/homosexual habits.  Change what you are used to looking at. Change what you are used to listening to. Change the places you are used to going. After you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the devil no longer has access to you.  But, when you fill your soul with things that go against God's will and design, the enemy can keep you in that bondage. Take control! Do not allow the devil access to you any longer.

What's the Point?

Let Kingdom Identity help you fulfill your God given purpose. He has a purpose and design for all of us. However, when we constantly engage in sin and the lifestyle that he did not intend, he is unable to fully speak to us. Make the decision to give your life, heart, future, and desires to the Lord. You already belong to him, but Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy you. God’s way is best for your life. You think that a homosexual is who you are, because of the information that has been stored in your mind. However, God’s Word has the perfect information, purpose, and destiny for your life. Kingdom Identity will make sure you have the accountability partner you need, access to books, and identity groups to be delivered from homosexuality. God had to teach me my Kingdom Identity through reading His Word and spending time with Him. Just like he had to teach me, He wants to teach you as well. Let God reveal your Kingdom Identity.